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The Healthy Habit, founded in 2002 by Terry Brooks, offers its customers access to high quality and healthy products for people, pets and homes.


For You

The Healthy Habit offers a wide variety of products aimed at promoting your personal health, including dietary supplements, cosmetics, and natural remedies.


For Your Pets

You aren't the only one who deserves safe, healthy and non-toxic products. The Healthy Habit has a variety of nutritional and health products available for animals. Whether it is your horse, dog or cat, your pet's health and happiness is important.


For Your Home

It's not just what you put in your body that matters, it's also what you come in contact with every day in your home. Let The Healthy Habit help you make sure what you and your family use to keep your home clean is safe for you and your family.


high quality and healthy products for people, pets and homes



Terry Brooks

Certified Nutritional Counseler

Terry Brooks has had an interest in nutrition since 1974 and has been actively studying nutrition for the past 24 years. She received her certification as a nutritional counselor from the American Association of Nutritional Consultants in 2010.


Terry started in earnest on the natural path as a result of limited success using traditional treatments for her son’s asthma and allergies. A medical doctor actually was very instrumental in this decision with his enlightening explanation of allergies as "the body’s inability to handle a particular substance." Terry's solution: OK LETS GET THE BODY'S IMMUNE SYSTEM HEALTHY SO IT CAN HANDLE THAT SUBSTANCE!


With an increasingly strong belief that this is the way God intended our bodies to function, she began the journey to improved health for herself and her family.

She believes that in the beginning God created our bodies to be healthy and vibrant. In order for our bodies to be healthy, our immune systems need to be working properly.


Isn’t this what we all want as far as our health and our children's health is concerned? Terry thought so and this is what began her journey into improving not only the health of the body, but of the soul.

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